“I completed three levels of training in Integrated Energy Therapy® with Danielle. In addition to her skills as an energy healer and teacher, I was impressed with Danielle’s kind heart, emotional maturity, and wisdom. Watch the way she interacts with people (including strangers); it’s inspiring. I refer psychotherapy clients to her, and I trust her as a conduit of healing energy for me. She’s a beautiful being!” – Allison B., Philadelphia

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Integrated Energy Therapy® is a healing technique that allows us to release the pain of the past to better embrace our future. With light touch, suppressed emotions can be cleared. IET is great for those who feel emotionally or mentally stuck in their lives and would like help letting go of ‘emotional baggage’. Even better, you do not have to have to follow any religion or be intuitive at all…just have an open heart and mind.

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Level 1-3 classes are classically just eight hours long, and may be taught over one or two days. I offer both weekend and weekday options to suit everyone’s schedules.

Learning integrated Energy Therapy will give you the knowledge and ability to work with the body’s integration points and how to help facilitate the release of painful emotions from the human energy field, also known as an “aura”. In the advanced class, you will learn to use Integrated Energy to help you connect with your Soul’s mission and better access the elements you need to make it come to life. Each certification class is $225. Students may observe any levels of training they have already received as a “refresher” for free/optional contribution, space permitting. Students who have studied with other teachers are certainly welcomed to observe classes or continue their training with Danielle. Call 267-571-WELL to learn more.

The best way to learn about Integrated Energy Therapy is to experience it.


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The Basic level class gives you everything you need to perform a powerful healing session on yourself or another person. Learn about the nine cellular memory areas where we unconsciously store emotional pain and the simple yet powerful techniques to clear them. This class is appropriate for those new to energy healing as well as experienced practitioners who seek to add a new skill. Includes illustrated manual and certificate.

$225, payable in full or in two installments. No prerequisite. 

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Expand your skills from Level 1 as we learn the anatomy of the human energy field and how to facilitate the release of physical, emotional, mental, and karmic energy imprints from it. The Intermediate class also helps us to expand the 3rd (mental) and 4th (karmic) pair of the spiritual DNA, helping clear our own blockages as we help others heal.

$225, payable in full or in two installments. Includes manual and certificate. Prerequisite: IET Basic with any Center of Being approved instructor.

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The Advanced Level IET class focuses on activating the energy of your soul’s purpose by unlocking blockages in the 8th (Soul Star) Chakra as well as the arms and legs. New techniques including Heart Wave and Heart Net help us manifest all of the elements we need to live our life to the fullest while we support those around us to do the same. Once a student completes this level, they become eligible for Master-Instructor training at The Center of Being®.

$225, payable in full or in two installments. Includes manual and certificate. Prerequisite: IET Intermediate with any Center of Being approved instructor.


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Discover the special healing gifts that each of the Nine Angels of the Energy Field bring and invite each of them to support you in your healing journey. This experiential group workshop will give you simple, effective ways to work with the healing angels that so lovingly want to work with you. Whether you are a professional energy worker or new to the concept, you will find this class fun and transformative.

ONLY $111! Includes workbook and certificate. No prerequisite. *This is a self-healing class and is not eligible for CE credits.

About the Instructor, Danielle Stimpson

I have had the honor of teaching the Healing Arts since 2008, and to have taught Integrated Energy Therapy since 2012. In 2016, I launched The Stimpson Methods of Shamanic Reiki. In that time, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients and students with a diverse range of needs. My background as a business consultant, small business owner and Host/Producer of Healing Arts Radio adds practical, applicable elements to each class I lead. My experience as a Reiki Master and Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner and Psychic Development mentor allow me to offer additional support for students who identify as “sensitive” or those seeking to hone their psychic gifts in combination with their energy work practice. In addition to teaching IET, I have graduated  over 50 Reiki Masters, many of whom are practicing or teaching professionally. Many of my grads are connected with one another in a powerful web of supportive, helpful colleagues helping to transform lives in a sustainable, healthy way.  Have questions? Want to learn more? call 267-571-WELL or email learnreikiphiladelphia@gmail.com to discuss this course with me directly.

Class will be held at 251 North 2nd St. in Philadelphia’s historic Old City

Learn Reiki Philadelphia is very close to I95 and the Ben Franklin Bridge. MASS TRANSIT: We are is easily accessible by rail, SEPTA, NJTransit and intercity buses, subway, PATCO high speed line. This location has a ramp and handicapped accessible restroom.


 Want to teach your organization, group or club about Integrated Energy Therapy? I have spoken in front of groups large and small and have been interviewed for radio shows and podcasts dozens of times. Reach out by calling (267) 571-WELL or email me at learnreikiphiladelphia@gmail.com for availability.