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“Danielle is an excellent instructor encouraging individuality in the practice of healing. Her technique of applying each individual’s intuitive sense along with traditional learned practices and “hands on ” experience helps one to understand, learn, and use positive energy forces, and apply them to healing.”– Susan M., Philadelphia

Reiki is a gentle Japanese energy (ki) practice that is simple to learn and deepens over a lifetime. We work with the subtle force of ki with our every action and breath. The Usui system helps us to enhance this connection simply and easily. Reiki can be learned by anyone with an open heart and mind.

Danielle giving Reiki to a client

My classes are offered in a variety of formats to suit everyone’s learning styles and schedules. Level one and two classes are most popular in the “weekend workshop” format, and multi-week and weekday classes are always enrolling. Mastership is an extended journey which allows you the opportunity to deeply explore Reiki and grow to be a confident, skilled practitioner and/or teacher.

Classes are small to compliment the intimate nature of personal healing. I host regular Reiki shares for ongoing practice and community building at a student’s own pace and convenience. Since I have so many grads teaching in the region, the community exists well beyond my practice-you will be welcome at many shares, events and classes throughout the area. Should you feel called to make Reiki a full or part time profession, you will be greeted and encouraged by myself, my grads and my growing family of “grand” and “great-grand” students! You’ll never be alone as you walk your professional path. I also host free networking events to allow our community to meet practitioners of other modalities in the area for professional development and personal growth.

The best way to learn about Reiki is to experience it. I lead regular, affordable events to give you a chance to do just that.

Everyone is welcome at our shares, even if you have never studied Reiki! Enjoy good company, get support, ask questions about the practice and trade healing energy. Suggested contribution just $5-10, RSVP required.

In this level, you will learn and practice several ways to treat yourself while learning the basics of energy work and the principles of sharing Reiki with others. After completing Reiki Level One, you can continue your studies as far as you like…even becoming an instructor yourself if you choose!

This is the first step along your Reiki journey! We will experience the magic and healing power of Reiki energy first hand. This exciting time of self discovery will be with you forever. Come alone or enroll with a friend or loved one.  No experience or prior skill is needed.

Curriculum Includes:

  • All Level 1 Attunements
  • The History of Reiki & the basics of Japanese culture
  • Theories of Human Energy Systems, including Chakras, Meridians, & Auras
  • Best practices for treating friends & family members and attending Reiki Shares
  • Hands on practice treating ourselves and our co-students Investment includes Manual and certificate

No two journeys are alike-bbring a journal or notebook to record your experiences. This class often fills up.  Sign up for your rewarding, healing adventure today!

$100 deposit holds your space. Select a class below:

This class adds even more fun to the fundamentals of Reiki as we discover new tools to enhance our practice. Reiki level two teaches us all kinds of new ways to incorporate Reiki into our life and deepens our practice considerably. This enriching weekend is a great way to reconnect with Reiki and find new ways of working with energy.

In this class we’ll cover:

  • The first three sacred Reiki symbols and their history
  • How-to and best practices for sending Reiki over a distance
  • Best practices in using Reiki for emotional/mental healing
  • How to cleanse and clear the energy of a space or object using Reiki

Prerequisite Reiki 1, This class is offered to those who studied level 1 elsewhere, and transfer students may receive a copy of Danielle’s Level 1 Manual at their request. This is a twelve hour class.

I enroll daytime classes around student requests. Interested? Please call me at 267-571-WELL (And of course, I never charge extra for special scheduling!)

$100 deposit holds your space. Select a class below:

When your practice guides you to share the healing gifts of Reiki, it is time for Mastership. You have what it takes to bring Reiki to your community, and these classes will help you get there. Whether you wish to serve your community through sessions or teaching, I have a supportive, comprehensive and relevant program to help you meet your calling.

My Reiki Mastership classes can help you bring Reiki to others with confidence, sensitivity and professionalism.

By popular request, I have split my Reiki Mastership into two levels. Reiki Level 3 is for those who wish to complete their Reiki training and may want to practice professionally. Advanced healing techniques, client rapport and business topics are all covered at lenth in four classes that take place over two months. Reiki Level 4 guides you through all aspects of teaching Reiki to others, including preparation of teaching materials and best practices foreffectively educating students. Both courses are open to transfer students. Reiki level two is a prerequisite for level three. If you are already a Reiki Master, my level four course can help prepare you to bring the practice of Reiki to others. Reiki 4 is three classes over three months.

Many of the region’s most highly regarded Reiki practitioners are actually my grads! I’ve taught over seventy Reiki Masters over the last nine years. Most of my grads are in professional practice know and support one another as they achieve success. Be a part of a Reiki community dedicated to healing others and improving the planet!


reiki school philadelphia pa reiki master

Embrace your role in this life changing tradition. Become a Reiki Master.

 Reiki Master (Level 3)

Cultivate a deeper understanding of Reiki, master bold new techniques and learn the professional skills you need to begin treating clients. Prerequisite: Reiki 2. This class is available to students who studied elsewhere, regardless of lineage. This class consists of four eight hour long classes that take place over approximately two months.

Topics include:

•Advanced Reiki methods for healing yourself and others •Exploring other healing modalities

•Learning more about the Reiki system’s founders

•Professional best practices including intake forms, pricing and scope of practice

•Creating a safe space for healing including privacy, LGBT topics & hospitality 101

and much, much more!

Level 3 – Reiki Master Practitioner $550. $150 deposit holds your space and is applied towards total tuition. Early Bird Special: Just $475 when you pay in full by 1/5/18.

Payment plans are available at no extra cost and can span the length of the class. Partial work exchange options are available upon request. I also enroll daytime classes around student requests. Interested? Please call me at 267-571-WELL (And of course, I never charge extra for special scheduling!).

reiki school philadelphia pa reiki master

Learn to share the magic of Reiki by training others to heal themselves…and the World.

 sleep-835468_1920Reiki Master Instructor (Level 4)

When the student is ready, so is the teacher. Every student’s needs are unique and varied, and diversity among Reiki instructors builds the foundation for a thriving Reiki community. My Reiki Master Instructor course is designed to help you become the teacher YOU are guided to be. I provide the support and practice you need to become a confident, effective teacher through individualized mentoring, optional student teaching and event coordination. This practical course unfolds over three separate four hour classes which take place over approximately three months, though ongoing support continues long after.

This course includes:

  • Best practices for teaching different styles of learners and creating a fun, experiential class
  • Learning how to pass attunements
  • How to lead a class and keep things on topic
  • Preparation of your level one manual and syllabus with support and guidance
  • Presenting and informative lesson to the class for practice and feedback

Level 4 – $500.  $100 holds your space and is applied towards total tuition. Payment plans are available at no extra cost and can span the length of the class. Up to half of total tuition may be earned through assistant teaching Reiki level 1 or two classes with Danielle. TRANSFER STUDENTS are welcome, prerequisite Reiki 3 (mastery).

This class is sometimes prescheduled as a group class and sometimes set up as a one-on-one training course (fees are the same regardless).

Feel ready or want to learn more? Reach out to Danielle at learnreikiphiladelphia@gmail.com or 267-571-WELL


About the Instructor, Danielle Stimpson

My personal practice of Reiki has spanned eleven years and I have been in professional practice for eight. In that time, I have had the opportunity to study multiple lineages of Reiki under various teachers and work with hundreds of clients and students with a diverse range of needs. My background as a business consultant, years as a small business owner and tenure as Host/Producer of Healing Arts Radio adds practical, applicable elements to each mastership I lead.

In addition to Usui Reiki, I am a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy, an Angelic healing practice that focuses oh healing the emotional pain that holds us back in life. In 2016 I unveiled The Stimpson Methods of Shamanic Reiki. Whether or not you Identify as “intuitive”, your practice will be supported all along the way. All subjects included in my class are relevant, and all of the assignments offer practical experience that students find helpful. 

Have questions? Want to learn more? call 267-571-WELL or email learnreikiphiladelphia@gmail.com to discuss this course with me directly.

Class will be held at 251 North 2nd St. in Philadelphia’s historic Old City District.

Learn Reiki Philadelphia is very close to I95 and the Ben Franklin Bridge. MASS TRANSIT:  accessible via Market-Frankford Subway, Market/Chestnut St buses and routes 5 & 57, rail, NJTransit and intercity buses and PATCO high speed line. This location has a ramp entrance and handicapped accessible restroom.


 Want to teach your organization, group or club about Reiki? I have spoken in front of groups large and small, and I have been interviewed for radio shows and podcasts dozens of times. Reach out by calling (267) 571-WELL or email me at learnreikiphiladelphia@gmail.com for availability.