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We’re an open, inclusive and warm space committed to healing, personal development and professional training. Our monthly events include Reiki shares, group sound healing and the Old City First Friday open house. We also host a bevvy of well curated workshops that inspire the mind and awaken the soul.

Check out our upcoming events below. Learn more about classes in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Crystals and soon Thai Massage on our classes page


Reiki is Japanese for “spiritually guided life force energy”. But what does that even mean? The best way to discover Reiki is to experience it, and our shares are the perfect way to do that. Danielle Stimpson’s expert guidance allows you to connect with and share Reiki energy even if you never have before. It’s also a great way for those experienced in Reiki to keep in practice and get some TLC. Our shares are based on a Japanese practice called Shûchû, where the energy of a session is amplified by having several people giving Reiki all at once.  Everyone gets a session and leaves feeling uplifted and refreshed, no physical touch required!

“Danielle’s reiki share is an incredibly kind, restorative, welcoming gift and I look forward to not only attending more in the future, but also bringing along a friend or two. I wish everyone could experience this.” – Raquel S.

All shares are by contribution. Please be punctual and RSVP as space is limited. Reiki Shares take place on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8:30 and the third Thursday from 5:30-7:30, with additional weekday and weekend shares announced from time to time.

Sound Healing Meditation with Daphne & Heather Gilstrap

Experience the deeply relaxing sounds of crystal & Tibetan singing bowls with other select instruments played live in an intimate group setting during this hour-plus long meditation. Nothing is required of you-you’ll simply lay comfortably and experience the transcendent vibrations of healing sound. This blissful event usually takes place on select Sunday evenings. You will leave feeling restored and at peace, ready to take on the week ahead. Feel free to bring your favorite crystals or altar pieces to charge them up in the great energy!

The perfect event to bring a friend or family member to wind down the weekend with you.
Only $25. RSVP as space is limited.


Other events you might enjoy. Please clock image for dates and RSVP information

Learn Reiki Philadelphia is honored to host multiple Reiki lineages & styles. Usui / Holy Fire Reiki was introduced about three years ago by the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). This method combines the core concepts of Traditional Usui Reiki some additions. For example, less emphasis is places on the teacher, favoring a more personal connection to Reiki as one’s true teacher and guide.
Usui/Holy Fire is perfect for someone just beginning their reiki journey and is a great addition for those already trained in Reiki who seek to add strength and depth to their current practice. Grads of this class can continue to study in the Holy Fire lineage or the Traditional Usui classes held here at Learn Reiki Philadelphia. No matter which style you choose,  you will begin a lifelong rewarding connection to the energy of All that Is. Learn more about Victoria or the Holy Fire Lineage or Learn more about our Traditional Usui Courses

Led by Victoria Powell and Rachel Kloecker, includes certificate and 192 page manual.
$225 ($100 deposit holds your space)

Thai massage is a combination of energy work, compression, stretching, and movement. Join our Thai massage instructor Vanessa Hazzard to learn about-and experience-Thai for yourself! The Thai practitioner uses hands, feet, elbows, and knees to apply the therapeutic techniques.  The application of Thai massage is rhythmic and meditative and your clients may feel both relaxed and rejuvenated! In this workshop, you will be led through a partner yoga sequence, and Thai massage. This workshop is friendly for all levels. No previous yoga or massage experience is necessary! Come by yourself or with a friend! Thai massage is applied fully clothed on a mat, so dress comfortably. You’ll have a great time and leave feeling sooo much better!

Saturday Oct. 7, 1-2:30pm, $25

Have you ever wanted to learn more about stones and crystals…orhow to better work with them? This class will give you the skills to begin or deepen your connection to Earth’s natural helpers. You will develop an understanding of the art and the science behind crystal healing from physical and metaphysical perspectives to truly learn how they support holistic healing. Includes training materials, 7 piece set of crystals and Level 1 Certification (level 2 class coming soon).

No prior experience needed! Led by Daphne Wright-Gilstrap, Certified Crystal Healing (CCH) Practitioner & Mentor, Reiki Master, IET Master-Instructor, Medium & Intuitive. Learn more about this class 

Sunday Oct.28, 10-5
$225 ($100 deposit holds your space)

Thai Massage is an ancient bodywork believed to have its origins in Ayurveda and Theraveda Buddhism and shares similarities with Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this practice, massage therapy, compression, stretching, assisted yoga, and other manual therapies are woven together to create healing. In this course,you will learn a routine that will last 90 minutes to 2-hours in length along with variations to suit clients of different sizes and ability levels.

No experience needed. led by Vanessa Hazzard, Internationally trained bodyworker and massage therapist and Founder of Nirvanaland Continuing Education. Manual included. This class is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for 32 CE hours. Approved Provider # 451899-12.

Four Day Intensive, Sat. 10/21-Tues. 10/24, 9-6 each day

$425, $375 if paid in full by October 10


Our community is open, inclusive & friendly.

We’re a safe and judgement free space and warmly welcome everyone. You won’t be lectured about your lifestyle, diet or beliefs. We are LGBT friendly and handicapped accessible*.

*Have mobility challenges? No problem! Though please call or email ahead. Since our space is so intimate, your input will help us to arrange the share in a way that is most comfortable for you. We do have an elevator though if it is out for maintenance it may not be available. If this happens, we’ll be sure to let you know before you come out to the event. Please contact Danielle directly at 267-571-WELL or via email, learnreikiphiladelphia@gmail.com.

Occasionally we offer Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) shares which, unlike Reiki shares, require experience with IET. Integrated Energy Therapy is an angelic healing that allows us to release painful emotions so we can more fully embrace our future.

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