Daphne Gilstrap is a Reiki, IET, Crystal and sound therapy practitioner at Learn Reiki Philadelphia. She is a Reiki Master Teacher Grad of Learn Reiki Philadelphia and obtained her IET Master-Instructor certificate after training here as well. Daphne’s love of crystals lead her to become a Certified Crystal Healing (CCH) Practitioner & Mentor. She is also a gifted Medium, Sound Healer, Spiritual & Intuitive Counselor & Angel Card Reading (CAACR). Daphne is the owner of Midlantic Midlantic Wellness Center in Gibbsboro, NJ.

Daphne retired from teaching & educational administration after 25 years and holds a B.A. in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Her focus continues to be in the area of Curriculum & Instruction, Teaching Pedagogy, and Educational, Career, Wellness and Life Coaching. She is the owner of  and a co-adjunct at Rutgers University, where she mentors science teachers.

Daphne’s sessions are tailored to the exact goals and needs of each client with personal attention and compassion, and her workshops are well organized, fun and informative. Invite Daphne to help you on your healing journey by scheduling one of the sessions below or seeing which workshops she has enrolling. See a workshop you want to take but no dates listed? Let us know at LearnReikiPhiladelphia.@gmail.com.



Usui Reiki Session –  This deeply soothing one hour session promotes physical healing, emotional clarity and inner peace using the Japanese energy practice that is rapidly growing in popularity. 60 minute session $60


Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)  Session –  During this relaxing session, Daphne will work to remove negative physical, emotional, mental and karmic energy blocks from your energy field and replace them with positive energy imprints. 60 minute session $60


Crystal Healing & Grid Session – During this relaxing session, Daphne will tap into the energy emitted from custom-selected crystals to facilitate healing. These natural elements work with your body to help alleviate stress, anxiety, promote focus, increase energy and much more! One hour, $60


Reiki & IET Combination Session –  A personalized one hour session that blends Reiki,  IET® and Crystal healing, all tailored to fit your specific needs and healing goals. 60 minute session $60


Personal Sound Bath Healing Session –  A relaxing hour long service which weaves the sounds & vibrations of crystal and brass Singing Bowls with other instruments to promote wellness and healing on all levels. 60 minute session $90


Sound Healing Meditation

Enjoy the relaxing and healing sounds of crystal, Tibetan singing bowls & other instruments played during this hour-plus long sound bath meditation. It’s the perfect way to end the day! Feedback from previous participants include testimonies about the quality of sleep they benefit from and an overall feeling of peace.

Feel free to bring your favorite crystals to charge up in the great energy.


A monthly event

Getting to Know your Crystals – FREE!

Begin your connection to Earth’s natural helpers. This workshop will introduce you to the art behind crystal healing from a metaphysical perspective and how they support holistic healing. You’ll also open your connection to rocks and crystals & learn to identify the top crystals used in healing.

Led by Daphne Gilstrap, Certified Crystal Healing (CCH) Practitioner & Mentor.


Crystal Healing Certification Level 1

Become a gem and crystal healer! This class will give you the skills to begin or deepen your connection to Earth’s natural helpers. You will develop an understanding of the art and the science behind crystal healing from physical and metaphysical perspectives to truly learn how they support holistic healing.
During this fun learning experience, you will:

  • Enhance your connection to rocks and crystals
  • Learn to identify the top crystals used in healing
  • Develop the ability to sense energy in crystals
  • Understand the link between chakras and crystals
  • Build confidence in treating yourself, your family & friends

and so much more! There is no prerequisite for this class, and course includes training materials, 7 piece set of crystals and Level 1 Certification.

Led by Daphne Wright-Gilstrap, Certified Crystal Healing (CCH) Practitioner & Mentor. Daphne is a Reiki Master Teacher & Integrated Energy Therapy Grad of Learn Reiki Philadelphia and retired educator of 25 years. Her healing modalities also include Mediumship, Sound Healing, Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling and  Angel Card Reading (CAACR).
She is the owner of Midlantic Wellness Center in Gibbsboro, NJ and a co-adjunct at Rutgers University, where she mentors Science teachers. Allow her experience, knowledge and compassionate healing heart help you cultivate a meaningful, rewarding crystal healing practice!


Guided Channeling: The Story Behind the Walls

Exploring our Building’s Historic Past

Have you ever wished you could talk to folks who lived through the City’s past? Join us as we take a journey back to the days when Philadelphia was at the center of the Abolitionist movement and a common stop on the Underground Railroad. Learn Reiki Philadelphia is located in the vicinity of one of the stops and (as many of you have already noticed) it’s walls have a story to tell!

During this session, C.R. Martin, noted Medium and former government profiler, will lead us as we listen to their stories beyond the veil. As a teacher, medium, clairvoyant, and Shaman, C.R. Martin is able to facilitate group séances; private readings and channeling.

Participants will actively engage in this quest and come away with a basic understanding of how to tap into the energies around us. Bring questions you wish to present. Several will be chosen and included in the session.

This event was organized by Daphne Wright-Gilstrap. Over many years, Daphne has researched her genealogy and personal connection to Black History in America. We hope that this event will (quite literally) lend a voice to those souls who wish to share their experiences, and that the audience will glean unique insight and understanding from what they have to share.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the African American Museum of Philadelphia.(Learn Reiki Philadelphia will make no direct revenue from this event).


Learn Reiki Philadelphia is located at 251 N. 2nd St. in Old City, Philadelphia

Learn Reiki Philadelphia is very close to I95 and the Ben Franklin Bridge. MASS TRANSIT: Easily accessible by Market Frankford Subway, Market Street Buses and bus routes 5 and 57. Street parking is usually available and there is a parking garage at the corner for your added convenience. We are 100% handicapped accessible with ramp at the rear entrance and ADA compliant restroom. Please call or email ahead when booking if you are handicapped so we can make extra time to help you get comfortable.