Mika Miles is a queer, feminist Shamanic Healer and Reiki Master based out of Philadelphia, PA. The focus of her practice is the connection between personal healing and collective transformation. Her work is motivated by the belief that restoring our innately human connection to Spirit and Spiritual healing is one vital ingredient in the creation of a more just and kind world. She is a graduate of Learn Reiki Philadelphia’s training program and Sarah Petruno’s Shamanic Healer Training Program.

You can learn more about Mika on her website Anchor & Phoenix Healing Arts

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Reiki – In a Reiki session, Mika channels Earth-based life force energy through her hands to you. Reiki is a very gentle and safe energy therapy that can help with pain and other physical issues, as well as clearing emotional energy that’s ready to be released. Most of her clients find Reiki to be very relaxing and excellent for decreasing overall stress and tension. Reiki energy is also excellent for supporting and accelerating the body’s natural healing processes after an injury, surgery, or an emotionally difficult event. One hour $80

Reiki & Sound Healing (“toning”)– In a Reiki session with Sound Healing, Mika will also channel the Reiki energy through her voice in the form of overtone singing. Sound is a powerful medicine that can be palpably felt and shift even the most stubborn energy blocks. Clients often find sessions that include overtone singing to be emotionally moving and especially relaxing. One hour $95

Shamanic Healing – In a Shamanic Healing, you will come to Mika with an emotional, physical or spiritual issue that you want to resolve. Examples include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Soul Loss, shifting embedded emotional patterns, Throat Chakra issues (difficulty communicating/standing up for oneself), low self esteem, and money blocks. In the session, Mika will identify and connect with your Spirit Guides who will be helping with the healing. She will use sound to scan your energy body and will ask your Spirit Guides to elaborate on any blocks in energy flow or other issues discovered during the scan. As Mika gets the clearest information when she directly channels Guides, she will ask them to speak through her to explain what the energetic/emotional/spiritual root cause of the issue is and how to heal it.

The healing component can include a wide range of spiritual and energetic techniques, including Power Retrieval, Spiritual Intrusion Extraction, Shamanic Illumination and Spirit Attachment Removal. The one spiritual healing technique that almost every session includes is a Soul Retrieval. Soul Retrieval is the technique used to resolve Soul Loss. Have you ever heard someone say, “it felt like I lost a part of myself that day”? On an energetic level, that’s exactly what happens. Soul Loss occurs during experiences of trauma, or other hurtful experiences. In a Soul Retrieval, we go back to that time of the hurtful experience and invite the lost Soul Fragment to return. Mika will then integrate this piece into your energy and provide a Welcoming Ceremony for you to perform later to make sure it feels safe sticking around. You don’t need to know if/when you lost Soul Fragments, your Guides will tell her.

After the Soul Retrieval(s) and any other spiritual or energetic work that needs to be done to resolve the issue, Mika will clear your energy, seal it up and channel homework for you from your Spirit Guides. This style of work can resolve underlying emotional/energetic/spiritual issues during our session that will give you the foundation you need to heal the issue going forward; and often behavioral and lifestyle changes are needed to fully resolve the issue.

After a Shamanic healing session, many people experience what’s known as an energy purge. It might get worse before it gets better. If you are working on a deep-seated issue, the healing might bring up old pain energy that needs to be processed and released over a few weeks. The better you follow the homework from your Guides, the faster you can expect to see improvements as the healing settles and the resolves.

45-60 minute session $125

Shamanic Healing-Internalized Misogyny – This special offer is a Shamanic Healing with a specific healing question. The question is: How can I heal my internalized misogyny? In the patriarchal, male-dominated society we live in where women and femmes as well as femininity are denigrated, objectified, belittled and abused no one can avoid absorbing some of the pervasive misogynist ideas and values. Misogyny perpetuates not only sexism, and a culture rampant with sexual violence, but also homophobia, transphobia and arguably even environmental destruction. Mika offers this healing at a discounted fee because she is passionate about taking down patriarchy and believes healing is a necessary component of true social, cultural and political transformation. Please note that this healing is open to anyone! It’s not just for women and femmes. We all suffer when we negate our femininity, and our women and femme loved ones suffer when our love for them is clouded by unaddressed internalized misogyny. 45-60 minutes $80

Channeled Guidance – In a Channeled Guidance session, you will send Mika 2-3 questions about yourself or your life (For ethical reasons, Mika is not able to give you information about anyone else.) Examples of questions include “What kind of job shall I look for?”  “How can I break this bad habit?” and “How can I have a more positive impact on my community?” Mika will then channel one or more of your Spirit Guides who will speak through her to answer your question. In her experience, sometimes the answer is direct though Guides often find a hidden question within the one you submit and answer that instead. It’s a great way to feel the support that is always there, and get advice on tricky problems that can’t be resolved through contemplation alone. 30 minute meeting (plus additional prep work) $65

Workshops with Mika coming soon!


Learn Reiki Philadelphia is located at 251 N. 2nd St. in Old City, Philadelphia

Learn Reiki Philadelphia is very close to I95 and the Ben Franklin Bridge. MASS TRANSIT: Easily accessible by Market Frankford Subway, Market Street Buses and bus routes 5 and 57. Street parking is usually available and there is a parking garage at the corner for your added convenience. We are 100% handicapped accessible with ramp at the rear entrance and ADA compliant restroom. Please call or email ahead when booking if you are handicapped so we can make extra time to help you get comfortable.