“Danielle is beyond amazing. Her healings are powerful but gentle. In her readings as well as a person, she helps get to the core of the matter by speaking her truth and helping you to find yours. She does this in a way that is articulate and knowledgeable but with a sense of humor too! She’s very down to earth and without a drop of the airy fairy pretentiousness that some ‘new age’ practitioners nowadays are sometimes stereotyped for. She’s the real deal.” -Marilyn, NYC


Our skilled team’s healing sessions and insightful readings are effective, affordable and convenient. We are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY seven days a week (though weekend options are limited).

From this page, you can schedule your service in just minutes. Your first session is just a few clicks away! Payment options include credit card, cash, PayPal and check. You can pre-pay for your session or do so at time of purchase.

Learn Reiki Philadephia is close to I95 and the Ben Franklin in the heart of Old City Philadelphia. Mass transit options include subway (2nd and Market), PATCO, Market East/Jefferson Rail Station and dozens of SEPTA and NJ Transit bus lines via Chestnut, Market and Race Streets. Street parking & reasonable parking garage on the corner.

Reiki & Tarot Package learn reiki philadelphia

WITH DANIELLE ONLY & FOR A LIMITED TIME–Receive an hour of energy work (Reiki, IET or a combination of both) and a tarot reading for the total price of just $85. That is a $20 savings! This does not expire, sessions can be booked together or separately. 

Danielle giving a Reiki session

Reiki – A Japanese energy practice that promotes well-being on all levels and had been reported by many to encourage healing of illness and injury. Reiki is wonderful for cultivating an overall sense of peace, relaxation and connection. Perfect for anyone with chronic pain or acute issues like recent surgery or injury. Many clients gently sleep and report feeling “recharged” after a session. See what Reiki can do for you! Available with Danielle, Victoria and Daphne. One Hour Session $60

Danielle treats a client

Integrated Energy Therapy® – An angelic energy practice that supports healing on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic levels.  Where Reiki excels at physical healing, IET shines for mental, emotional and karmic wellbeing. The very intention of this practice is to heal the pain of the past to walk freely into the life we are here to live. It is a wonderful compliment to psychotherapy. IET is par excellance for depression, anxiety, PTSD, heartbreak, grief, the inability to let go of stress and generally feeling “stuck” in life. Despite the core Angelic principals, IET is free of religious dogma and may be performed with touch or without. Available with Danielle and Daphne. One Hour Session $60

Danielle gives a combines Reiki & IET session

Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy® Combination Session – If your intentions for healing include both physical and emotional issues, I’ll be happy to custom-blend these modalities just for you. Available with Danielle and Daphne. One Hour Session $60

shamanic reiki danielle stimpson philadelphia

Acupuncture – Used for thousands of years, acupuncture is the insertion of very fine, solid needles along the body’s energy pathways (meridians) to restore balance and support overall health. This system is helpful for a myriad of concerns including acute and chronic pain, women’s health and fertility, stress reduction, smoking cessation, addiction, anxiety, depression, digestive troubles and so much more.  60 minute session First Visit $100, Follow up sessions $90.

Cupping and Moxibustion available is suggested by the acupuncturist for an additional $20 Learn more…

shamanic reiki danielle stimpson philadelphia

Massage with optional cupping – A personalized combination of classic Swedish and deep tissue that expertly balances comfort and results. Anna Rehr’s experience as a massage therapist in one of Philadelphia’s premier rehabilitation centers is further informed by her years as a Ballet performer. With intimate understanding of anatomy and function, she can tailor this service to meet your exact needs. Optional cupping helps to lift compressed tissue and move stagnant fluids.  Sixty minute session $100, 90 minute session $145. Cupping an additional $30

shamanic reiki danielle stimpson philadelphia

Prenatal Massage – A beautiful way to support the hard working body of someone preparing to give birth, either for yourself or as a gift. This service is ideal for those already in third second or third trimester. Sixty minute session $110, 90 minute session $155.

shamanic reiki danielle stimpson philadelphia

Thai Massage –  A blend massage therapy and assisted yoga stretches that dates back thousands of years. Performed while fully clothed, this service usually takes place on a floor mat where Vanessa uses her hands, feet, forearms and knees to stretch the body and help move energy (chi). Sessions can be adapted for any anyone regardless of ability level and can even be performed in your wheelchair or while pregnant. Curious? Learn more or see a short video Sixty minute session $100, 90 minute session $145, 120 minutes for $190.

shamanic reiki danielle stimpson philadelphia

Shamanic Reiki (Stimpson Method) – This unique method was cultivated from 8 years of Reiki and Shamanic Practice. Safe, effective and truly transformative this 90 minute session will help you to reach new levels of healing. *Please note that Stimpson Method Shamanic Reiki does not appropriate cultural practices*. Available with Danielle Ninety minute Session $90

Danielle Stimpson Reading Cards

One Hour Reading – Choose from Angel, oracle or Tarot cards. Generally, Danielle’s readings are driven by her intuition and the hour allows plenty of time to go into detail. You can share what your intention for the reading is, or just see what comes up. You can focus on business/work related topics, personal life or any area or your life that you seek clarity with. With Danielle Up to one Hour, $45

Danielle Stimpson Reading Cards

One Hour Reading – Mika will channel one or more of your Spirit Guides to speak through her in response to 2-3 questions you submit.  It’s a great way to feel the support that is always there, and get advice on tricky problems that can’t be resolved through contemplation alone. 30 minute meeting (plus additional prep work) $65

tarot angel cards reiki danielle stimpson philadelphia

Tarot & Energy Work (combo session) – Insight and healing go hand in hand! A full healing session (Reiki, IET or both) and a card reading (your choice of Tarot, Angel or oracle card deck) to help you feel better and move forward with confidence. Scheduled together you save $10 Two hour service $95

Reiki and Sound Healing Victoria Powell

Reiki Session with Sound Healing –Victoria is certified in ReikiSound™, and uses tuning forks and singing bowls for vibrational healing. During a session, she combines Reiki healing with weighted tuning forks for the body and non-weighted tuning forks for the aura (energy field surrounding the body). Clients report feeling lighter and more at ease. Tune your body to its natural frequency.With Victoria, One hour $60


Reiki and Sound Healing Victoria Powell

Reiki with Sound Healing via Voice Toning – In this unique style of Reiki & sound healing, Mika Miles will channel Reiki energy through her voice in the form of overtone singing. Sound is a powerful medicine that can be palpably felt and shift even the most stubborn energy blocks. Clients often find sessions that include overtone singing to be emotionally moving and especially relaxing. One hour $95 


Philadelphia Sound Bath

Personal Sound Bath Healing Session –  A relaxing hour long service which weaves the sounds & vibrations of crystal and brass Singing Bowls with other instruments to promote wellness and healing on all levels. Available with Daphne. 60 minute session $90

Holy Fire Healing Experience & Reiki Treatment- This method uses discussion, personal healing journey and a Holy Fire Reiki treatment. Perfect for clearing negative or stuck energy, releasing emotional/mental blocks and empowering goals. With Victoria, 90 minute session, $90


Signature Energy & Crystal Healing Session – Reiki and/or IET custom blended with the energy emitted from crystals for intense, personalized healing. Your practitioner will create a custom crystal grid around you that addresses your needs & intentions. Available with Danielle or Daphne. One Hour Session $60

crystal healing reiki philadelphia

Crystal Healing & Grid Session – Crystals work with your body to help alleviate stress, anxiety, promote focus, increase energy and much more. During this session, your practitioner will tap into energy emitted from Earth’s minerals to facilitate healing. One Hour Session $60

Philadelphia Sound Bath

Shamanic Healing –  This very focused type of healing is best for getting to the root cause of an issue, whether physical, emotional, mental or one that impacts all three. Your practitioner will directly contact your guides  and will ask them to speak through her to explain what the energetic/emotional/spiritual root cause of the issue is and how to heal it.

45-60 minute session $125

Outside of Philadelphia? You can schedule a reading via phone or SKYPE

 All sessions and readings are available at:

Learn Reiki Philadelphia, 251 N. 2nd. St. Philadelphia PA 19106


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